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Release date: 11 May 2020

# What’s New

UiPath Assistant

If you haven’t had the chance to meet the new UiPath Assistant, now is the time! It is here to reimagine Attended Automation, presenting a vast array of features. It comes in a variety of flavors, and gives you access to all sorts of attended automation techniques. Just to name a few:

  • A Reminder widget to help you schedule your processes.
  • The possibility to mark frequently used processes as favorite for quick access.
  • And more you read about in the documentation.

Please note that starting with this release, there are no new features developed for the Robot Tray (Legacy), and goes out of support starting with 2021.4. We encourage you to take on UiPath Assistant as your trusted companion.

Picture-in-Picture (Experimental)

It’s more like watching TV! The Picture-in-Picture feature is here to greatly extend the collaboration capabilities between you and your Robot. It allows processes or libraries in both Studio and StudioX to be executed or debugged in an isolated session on the same machine, but without interfering with your work.

It brings up a configurable display on your desktop to see exactly what the Assistant is doing, while you can attend to your other matters. Start multitasking alongside your Assistant now!

The Diagnostics Tool

The Diagnostics Tool replaces the former command-line diagtool.exe and comes with an easy-to-use UI, grouped collectors, and previews of the collected information, aside from a new command-line offering. You can select from predefined lists of collectors, depending on which information you want to gather and preview it after collection.

Login Using SafeNet

In order to provide increased security on Robot login sessions, we now integrated SafeNet AT’s HMS. Upon activation, Unattended Robots log into Windows using the HMS.

Simplified Proxy Configuration

We know you’re busy and our job is to make work a lot easier for you. In this regard, proxy configuration is now done from a single file where you simply configure the parameters to allow you to use global proxy settings the for the Assistant, NuGet and Orchestrator activities.

Robot JavaScript SDK

Start you processes even from a browser! This is now possible with the Robot JavaScript SDK by simply installing the corresponding add-on and configuring the SDK specifications to your liking. Processes can be easily started from your web browser, with the possibility to pass arguments or based on a process output.

Breaking Changes

Starting with this release, a Robot version 2020.4 can only connect to an Orchestrator version 2019.10 and above, if that Orchestrator instance supports TSL 1.1 or above.

Known Issues

  • An Orchestration Process which contains a workflow with a Newtonsoft.Json.Linq.JObject variable fails during execution.
  • If you are using a PIN to log into the main Windows session, you are asked for your credentials every time you start a Picture-in-Picture session. Please note that this does not happen if you log into the Windows session with a password.

Bug Fixes

  • The Robot status is not updated in real-time in Orchestrator for processes started from Studio.
  • Running processes from the command line would throw an exception when a local license was used with Studio and the user had credentials in the Windows Credentials Manager in this form:

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