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The UiPath Robot Guide


The Robot is UiPath’s execution agent that enables you to run processes developed in Studio. Robots need to be connected to Orchestrator in order to execute processes or they have to be licensed locally (read more about licensing). The type of Robot you have at your disposal is determined by the license, while the Robot service is determined by the deployment.

The Robot is split into multiple components, each being dedicated to a particular task in your automations. The Robot components are as follows:

Having the Robot components split as explained above helps developers, support users, and computers easily run, identify, and track what each component is executing. Special behaviors can be configured per component this way, such as setting up different Firewall rules for the Executor and the Service.

The Robot can open interactive Windows sessions, under the Local System account, and has all the rights of a Windows service.

Installing the Robot using UiPathStudio.msi deploys it in Service Mode by default. It can also be installed from the Command Prompt, as explained on this page. Using this installer also allows you to install Agent Desktop as the default Robot Tray.

Robots can also be installed in User Mode. For your Robot, this means that it has the exact same rights as the user under which it has been installed. Installing the Robot from UiPathStudioSetup.exe deploys the User Mode Robot by default. It can also be installed from UiPathStudio.msi, as explained here, or the Command Prompt, as described on this page.

Both the Service Mode and User Mode Robot can be configured as HD Robots.

Please note that packages downloaded by the Service Mode Robot cannot be run by User Mode Robots. This is because the Service Mode Robot downloads packages in the Local System (not the local user), and the User Mode Robot does not have permissions for that folder. If this happens, it is recommended to delete all packages downloaded by the Service Mode Robot, which are located in the %userprofile%\.nuget\packages folder.

Regardless of the Robot Service, it can still be connected to Orchestrator.

If the User Mode Robot is installed, closing the Robot Tray also closes the Robot Service. If the Service Mode Robot is installed, closing the Robot Tray does not close the Robot Service.

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