UiPath Robot

The UiPath Robot Guide


Release date: 2 November 2020

Bug Fixes

  • Starting with the v2019.10.6 release, the default communication channel between the Robot Executor and the Robot Service has changed from WCF to IPC. When this happened, the dynamic limit for the maximum size of the message was removed. The limit was handled through the maxReceivedMessageSize setting, which became deprecated, being instead replaced by a fixed upper limit of 10000 characters.

  • IWorkflowRuntime.RunningJobInformation.JobId was wrongly reported in workflows invoked using the Isolate option of Invoke Workflow File.

  • An environment variable has been introduced to correct a behavior for situations where the user roaming profile was deleted upon login/logout. This caused unattended processes to fail as their dependencies were deleted as well. The environment variable is called UIPATH_DISABLE_HEADLESS and makes the package installation and process run happen in a single session. Please note that headless processes and long running workflows do not work on machines that have the UIPATH_DISABLE_HEADLESS environment variable configured.

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