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Services the Robot Connects to

During the workflow execution, the Robot connects to different services to download required automation packages, check licences, verify certificates, and more. Blacklisting any of these services can result in operation discrepancies, or even failure. The connection is established in the following cases:

  • The Robot validates license details on the machine it is installed on and shares only license-related information with the licensing server.
  • The Robot downloads the required automation packages.

The UiPath Robots connect to different services, such as:

platform.uipath.comTCP443httpsThe Cloud Platform Orchestrator services
MyGet.orgTCP443httpsThe Robot downloads the required activity packages.
activate.uipath.comTCP443httpsLicensing Server. If we block this service then UiPath is not able to check the license status and verify the data in the license folder.
jptk0*.proinity.netTCP443httpsThe Robot validates the root certification authority of the code signing certificate.
Please notice that this happens only if the root certification authority is not already in the Windows Certificate Store.
NuGet.orgTCP443httpsThe Robot downloads the required activity dependencies.
a23-*-*-*. deploy.static. akamaitechnologies.comTCP80httpThe Robot checks whether or not the code signing certificate has been revoked.
*.service.signalr.netTCP443https, wssThe Robot connects to Orchestrator's SignalR channels.

The following actions are performed by the Robot in Orchestrator on packages for these services:

platform.uipath.comMyGet.orgactivate.uipath.comjptk0*.proinity.netNuGet.orga23---*. deploy.static.
Not Connectedno_rightno_rightno_rightno_rightno_rightno_right
Connected from UiRobotImageno_rightno_rightno_rightno_rightno_right
Publish to OrchestratorImageno_rightno_rightno_rightno_rightno_right
Manually StartImageImageImageImageno_rightno_right
Scheduled StartImageImageImageImageno_rightno_right
Application Updateno_rightno_rightno_rightno_rightno_rightImage
Package Updateno_rightno_rightno_rightno_rightImageno_right

Depending on your business policy, some URLs might need to be whitelisted for the following actions:

  • Activating your License - (port 443). This URL only needs to be whitelisted for Robots which are licensed locally.
  • Updating Studio - * (port 80), Beta update channel for the Community Edition
  • Downloading Packages -, *, (port 443)
  • Connecting to Cloud Platform Orchestrator services - (port 443)
  • Subscribing to Orchestrator's SignalR channels - * (port 443)

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Services the Robot Connects to

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