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About the Profile Page

There are two pages containing user-pertaining information: the User page and the Profile page. Populating one of them overwrites the associated information in the other one (name, surname, email address).

The Profile page consists of four sections which enable you to configure and monitor several aspects such as the password, alert subscription and login attempts:

  • General - enables you to change details such as name, surname, email and theme (theme settings are applied at browser level);
  • Alerts - enables you to subscribe to alerts;
  • Security - enables you to change your password (only displayed for the current user);
  • Login Attempts - enables you to monitor the login attempts.

There are two ways of displaying the Profile page:

  • For the current user, click User > My Profile.
  • For any existing user, on the Users page, click the corresponding More Actions button and then View Profile.

Profile Permissions

In order to be able to perform various operations on the Profile page, you need to be granted the corresponding permissions on Users:

  • View on Users - Displaying the Profile page.
  • Edit on Users - Editing user details and settings on the Profile page. Configuring the Alerts section on the Profile page requires the corresponding View permissions per alert category. Details here.

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About the Profile Page

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