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Robots in Modern Folders

In modern folders, Robot settings are controlled at user level, which allows for simpler and automatically-handled robot management



Automatic robot management is only compatible with Attended Robots.

You can only configure automatic Robot provisioning if the modern folders functionality is enabled. Modern folders are not enabled by default. They must be enabled on a per tenant basis. See here how to do that.


The user entity is configured to have a Robot automatically provisioned.
The license and execution settings of the Robot are configured at user definition.
The moment the user opens their Robot Tray, the Robot gets automatically provisioned in Orchestrator according to those settings.
Automatically-managed Robots can be part of multiple folders. As such, they have access to all processes in the folders the user has access to. To make processes from a different folder available, you simply grant the corresponding user access-rights to that folder.
Robot management can be made for directory users or directory groups as well. The automatic Robot provisioning setting for a directory group that's added to Orchestrator is inherited by any user that is a member of that AD group.


Robot configuration is performed directly at user creation, or later on, when editing the user. For each type of user, be it a local user, a directory user or a directory group, you have the option to enable automatic Robot provisioning.

If you are using one of your Cloud Platform services, you are only allowed to edit the user, so this is the only way to configure automatic Robot provisioning.

If you belong to a group that has been added to Orchestrator, and has automatic Robot creation enabled, logging in to a machine that has been provisioned to Orchestrator and opening the Robot tray, automatically provisions your user and implicitly Robot to Orchestrator. A user entry is generated on the Users page, and a Robot entry is generated on the global Robots page.

Execution settings for these Robots can only be configured when adding users individually. Groups are added with the default execution settings. These are described here. To customize execution settings for directory users, you have to make the adjustments explicitly for them, once they have been auto-provisioned or added individually. Details here.


Attended Robot auto-provisioning alongside AD integration and hierarchical folders sets the stage for effortless large deployments. See here how to manage such a deployment in Orchestrator.

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Robots in Modern Folders

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