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The UiPath Orchestrator Guide

Configuring the Firewall

For a properly functioning Orchestrator deployment, you must ensure all required ports are open in your firewall to allow communication between all components, as shown in this architecture diagram:


Each port and its use is described below:

  • 443 - Communication between Users and Orchestrator with the connected Robots. You can select a different HTTPS port for Orchestrator, if desired. Note: This port is open by default, unless closed by your security administrator.
  • 1433 - The default port for communication between Orchestrator and the SQL Server machine. You can select a different port, ensuring that it is open in the firewall.
  • 10000 - Communication between Orchestrator and the HAA.
  • 9200 - Communication between Orchestrator and the Elasticsearch server. Note: This port can be opened for Orchestrator only, as no other machine can access the Elasticsearch server directly.
  • 9300 - Communication between Elasticsearch nodes.
  • 5601 - Default port used by Kibana. It must be opened on the machine where Kibana is installed.
  • 3389 - Required for RDP automation, needed for HD Robots. Note: Not pictured above.

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Configuring the Firewall

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