UiPath Orchestrator

The UiPath Orchestrator Guide

The User Interface

1DashboardCharts and statistics for Orchestrator components
2User MenuAccess the following options and pages:
My Profile
Credential Stores
Log Out
3AlertsHistory of important events
4HelpOpens the Orchestrator documentation in a new tab
5Folder Selection MenuChange the active folder
21Language SelectorLocalization of your Orchestrator instance

The Monitoring Menu

6RobotsThe global and folder overview of your robots and activity
7JobsExecution instances of processes assigned to robots
8QueuesOverview of queues and transactions statuses, and SLA predictions
9LogsOverview of all robot logs

The Automations Menu

10ProcessesFolder view of the distribution of package versions to Robot environments
11TriggersTime or event triggers for job execution
12Queues and TransactionsWork queues used to distribute work items to robots with real-time monitoring of each queue item
13AssetsShared variables or configurations that can be invoked in the design processes by developers and used in your processes
14TasksHuman intervention assignments required for long-running process resumption

The Management Menu

15FoldersOrganizational management and resource allocation
16Users and RolesUsers and permissions management
17Robots and EnvironmentsSoftware robots that automate rule-based processes in the same manner humans do, and their deployment groupings
18MachinesMachine entities which enable you to provision your Robots
19Packages and LibrariesBusiness process definition packages published by developers, and libraries of grouped packages upload for sharing and reuse
20Task CatalogsContainers used to categorize your tasks based on various criteria

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The User Interface

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