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Studio Activities Used with Queues

These activities are part of the Core activities package, and can be found in the Activities panel, under Orchestrator > Queues.

  • Add Queue Item - populates the queue with items, defines a time frame when these items must be processed, and adds a custom reference to each item. By default, when an item is added to the queue its status is New.

  • Add Transaction Item - adds an item in the queue, starts the transaction and sets the status to In Progress. It can also be configured to add a custom reference to each transaction.

  • Get Transaction Item - gets an item from the queue so that you can process it (start the transaction) and sets its status to In Progress.

  • Postpone Transaction Item - adds time parameters between which a transaction must be processed (not before Postpone and no later than Deadline).

  • Set Transaction Progress - helps you create custom progress statuses for In Progress transactions. This can be placed in key places in your automation project, to inform you of its progress if, for example, it crashes. This option can be useful in the troubleshooting process.

  • Set Transaction Status - changes the status of the transaction item to Failed (with an Application or Business Exception) or Successful. Application Exceptions should be used when an app you are automating fails or is not responding, while Business Exceptions should be used when a certain transaction value does not meet a business requirement. For more information on this choice, see the Business Exception vs Application Exception article.



Items that fail with an Application Exception are retried if you have configured the Auto Retry options in the queue, in Orchestrator.

For more information on how to use these activities with queues, see the Managing Queues in Studio page.

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Studio Activities Used with Queues

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