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Encrypting the SQL Server

Encrypting the SQL Server

If you want to provide another security layer to the data at rest in your SQL server a viable method in this regard is Transparent Data Encryption.



Transparent Data Encryption does not concern data in transit or data in use, meaning that if you run any queries on the database, retrieved information is unencrypted.

Click here for details on how to encrypt your data using Transparent Data Encryption.

Encrypting the Connection to SQL Server

In order to ensure the security of data which is in transit between the UiPath Orchestrator web application and the SQL Server database, you can configure an SSL encrypted connection between the two.
Click here for more details on how to enable an encrypted connection to the database engine using the SQL Server Configuration Manager.
Click here for more details on how to encrypt a connection on a cloud database using Azure SQL Database.

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Encrypting the SQL Server

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