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The Alerts Page


Looks for alerts that match your input. You can search according to the component, process and Robot name.
Severity FilterEnables you to filter the page according to the alerts' severity. The following options are available - Info, Success, Warn, Error, and Fatal.
It is set to Info by default.
Component FilterEnables you to filter the page according to the component the alert fits into. The following components are available: All, Transactions, Robots, Jobs, Tasks, Triggers, and Queues.
It is set to All by default.
Time FilterEnables you to filter the page according to the interval in which the alert has been received. The following options are available: All, Last Hour, Last Day, Last Week, Last 30 Days.
It is set to Last Day by default.
State FilterEnables you to filter the page according to the read/unread state of the alerts. The following options are available: All, Unread, Read.
It is set to Unread by default.
Reset to defaultsThis button is displayed only if you made changes to any of the filters described above, and enables you to return to the default settings.

Please note that this button also resets the number of items displayed per page.
SeverityThe severity of the notification.

Note that, when filtering, all greater severity levels are also displayed. For example, if you select Warn, messages are going to be displayed for the Warn, Error and Fatal severity levels.
ComponentThe component that a given notification was triggered for.
NotificationThe alert message.
TimeThe amount of time elapsed since the alert was registered. Hovering over this field displays the exact date and time the alert was generated.
Mark as Read
Enables you to mark Fatal and Error messages as read.
Show Details
Only displayed for transaction and job related alerts. Opens the Item Details window and the Job Details window, respectively.

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Field Descriptions

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