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Field Descriptions for the Profile Page

The Profile page enables you to configure and monitor several aspects regarding the user profile, such as the password, alert subscription and login attempts.

The General Section

TenantThe tenant the current user belongs to.
UsernameThe username of the current user.
NameThe current user name.
SurnameThe current user surname.
EmailThe email address of the user. If email alerts are enabled, and the user has a role with View permissions on Alerts, the alerts are sent to this address.
ThemeAllows you to change the current theme. The following options are available:
Light - the default option
Details here.
Makes it possible to edit Name, Surname, and Email. Only users with View and Edit permissions on Users can edit details. Find out more about managing roles here.
UpdateSaves all your changes.

The Alerts Section

Enables you to either subscribe or unsubscribe from alerts per category, by enabling or disabling the corresponding toggle switch, respectively. Note that the settings in this section are irrelevant if you don't have the corresponding View permissions. For more info on how to subscribe/unsubscribe, click here. The alert classification can be found here.

TransactionsConcerns transaction-related alerts. By default, the Transactions toggle switch is enabled.
RobotsConcerns Robot-related alerts. By default, the Robots toggle switch is enabled.
JobsConcerns job-related alerts. By default, the Jobs toggle switch is enabled.
SchedulesConcerns schedule-related alerts. By default, the Jobs toggle switch is enabled.

The Security Section



This section is only available for the user you are currently logged in with and is not applicable to AD users.

Current PasswordThe logged user password.
New PasswordThe new user password.
Confirm PasswordThe confirmation for the new password.
UpdateSaves all your changes.

The Login Attempts Section



The Login Attempts section is not available for Robot users.

After 10 failed login attempts the user is locked out for 5 minutes. These are the default Account Lockout settings which can be changed on the Security tab.

Time FilterEnables you to filter the page according to the login interval.

The following options are available:
Last Hour
Last Day
Last Week
Last 30 Days
TimeThe amount of time that passed since the last login attempt. Hovering the cursor over this field displays the exact time and date.
ResultThe status of the last login attempt.
Browser InfoThe Browser / Browser Version / Operating System on which the login attempt was made.

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Field Descriptions for the Profile Page

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