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Alert Severity Levels

The severity levels of alerts apply to different types of notifications, as follows:

  • Info - Robots now available; User assigned as reviewer for failed/abandoned queue item; User assigned/unassigned/reassigned from one or multiple tasks.
  • Warn - Queue items that fail with business exceptions.
  • Error - Jobs that fail, be they scheduled or manually started; Robots not responding; queue items that fail with application exceptions, queue triggers not able to create new jobs.
  • Fatal - Robots that go offline or are disconnected.
  • Success - Alerts generated using the Raise Alert activity.

When filtering the Alerts page according to the Severity level, please note that all greater severity levels are also displayed. For example, if you select Warn, messages are going to be displayed for the Warn, Error and Fatal severity levels.

The default value of the filter is Info. This means that removing all filters displays alerts having Info severity and above.

Alert Classification

ComponentSeverity LevelScenario
JobsErrorJob faulted
JobsErrorJob not created
RobotsFatalRobot is disconnected
RobotsErrorRobot is unresponsive *
RobotsInfoRobot is available
SchedulesErrorBackgroundJob trigger misfired
SchedulesErrorBackgroundJob failed to execute
TransactionsErrorQueue item failed with ApplicationException
TransactionsWarnQueue item failed with BusinessException
TransactionsInfoUser assigned as reviewer for failed/abandoned queue item
TasksInfoUser assigned/unassigned/reassigned from one or multiple tasks.
TriggersErrorTrigger could not create a job as the maximum number of jobs has been reached. Occurs on queue triggers.
TriggersErrorTrigger could not create jobs as the allocated Robots already have pending jobs for this process. Occurs on time triggers.
ProcessSuccessProcess alert - alerts generated using the Raise Alert activity

*** “Robot is unresponsive” alerts are received despite having Robot alerts disabled.

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Alert Severity Levels

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