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The UiPath Orchestrator Guide

Field Descriptions

The Roles Page

SearchLooks for roles that match your input. You can search according to name.

Enables you to create a new role, and displays the Add Role window.
NameThe name of the role.
More ActionsDisplays a menu with the following options:
Edit - Displays the Update Role window and enables you to change its permissions.
Manage Users - Displays the Manage Users window and enables you to edit the users assigned to the selected role.
Remove - Deletes the selected role. Please note that the Administrator and Robot roles cannot be deleted.

The Manage Users Window

SearchSearch within all the available users.
Type FilterEnables you to filter the page according to the user type (User or Robot).
Rows SelectedDisplays the number of currently selected items.
Username The name of the user.
Email The user’s email address. This field is empty for Robot users.
Close Saves your preferences and closes the Manage Users window.

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Field Descriptions

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