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Creating a Basic Process

This tutorial teaches you how to create a basic process in Studio in 10 minutes and run it on your machine. The example opens a browser, loads a certain web page, scrapes information, and writes it to the Output panel, and in a Notepad file.

Check out the video or follow the steps detailed below:

Let’s begin.

Example of a Process

  1. Launch Studio. In the HOME Backstage view, click Process to create a new project. The New Blank Process window is displayed.
  1. Type a name for the new project and a description that summaries what you are aiming to do with this automation project. Pick a location for the new project.
    Note: The project name cannot exceed 128 characters, and the description cannot exceed 500 characters.
  2. Click Create. The new project is opened in Studio.
  3. In the Activities panel, search for Open Browser and drag it to the Designer panel. Notice that the activity is automatically added inside a Sequence.
  4. Add the "" URL in the Open Browser input field. Use Ctrl + S or click Save on the ribbon, and then press Ctrl + F6 to run the process. The aforementioned web page is opened in Internet Explorer.
  5. From the Activities panel, add a Get Visible Text activity to the Do container of the Open Browser activity. Click Indicate element inside browser, and click on the text that you want to scrape from the previously loaded web page.
  1. In the Variables panel, create a new string variable called GetText, and set its scope to Sequence. The purpose of this variable is to store the scraped information.
  1. In the Get Visible Text activity Properties panel, select the field next to the Text property, and insert the GetText variable.
  1. From the Activities panel, drag a Write Line activity. In the input text field, add the previously created variable. This activity writes the scraped data to the Output panel.
  2. Add an Open Application activity to the project. Open a Notepad instance, click Indicate window on screen and select the opened application. Notepad’s file path is detected.
  3. Add a Type Into activity in the Open Application activity’s Do container. Click Indicate element inside window to select the Notepad window, and add the GetText variable to the input text field. This activity writes the scraped text to a Notepad window.
  1. In the ribbon, click Run File or use the Ctrl + F6 shortcut to execute the project.

When the execution is completed, notice that the scraped text is written to the Output panel, and in the Notepad file.

Similarly, you can create other processes to scrape data from web pages, using the Data Scraping wizard.

Download example

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Creating a Basic Process

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