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Maintainability and Readability Rules

Rules part of this category have the MRD code in their rule ID and require projects to be easy to understand so that maintainability is ensured.

Below is the list of rules part of the Maintainability and Reliability category, together with their rule ID and a link to their dedicated page:

Rule NameRule IDScope
Activity Name DefaultsST-MRD-002Activity
Unreachable ActivitiesST-MRD-004Workflow
Redundant SequencesST-MRD-005Workflow
Nested If ClausesST-MRD-007Workflow
Empty SequenceST-MRD-008Workflow
Deeply Nested ActivitiesST-MRD-009Workflow
Write Line UsageST-MRD-011Workflow

Updated 2 years ago

Maintainability and Readability Rules

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