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Naming Rules

Rules in this category check the file or project for any inconsistencies related to naming.

For example, if a variable doesn't follow the Naming Convention then the Variables Naming Convention rule records a message in the Error List panel.

Below is the list of rules part of the Naming category, together with their rule ID and a link to their dedicated page:

Rule NameRule IDScope
Variables Naming ConventionST-NMG-001Activity
Arguments Naming ConventionST-NMG-002Workflow
Display Name DuplicationST-NMG-004Workflow
Variable Overrides VariableST-NMG-005Workflow
Variable Overrides ArgumentST-NMG-006Workflow
Variable Length ExceededST-NMG-008Activity
Prefix Datatable ArgumentsST-NMG-011Workflow
Argument Default ValuesST-NMG-012Workflow
Argument Length ExceededST-NMG-016Workflow

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Naming Rules

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