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The Watch Panel

Similar to the Call Stack panel, the Watch panel is only visible during debugging. It can be set to display the values of variables or arguments, and values of user-defined expressions that are in scope. It also supports complex object variables like lists of string or dictionary variables. These values are updated after each activity execution while debugging.

ExpressionThe variable, argument or expression to be monitored.
ValueThe value of the variable, argument or expression.
TypeThe type of variable, argument or expression.

Variables or arguments can be added to the Watch panel in the following ways:

  • In the Watch panel, click the Add Watch field and type the name of the variable or argument;
  • In the Locals panel, right-click a variable or argument and select Add to Watch;
  • In the Variables or Arguments panel, right-click a variable or argument and select Add Watch.

To copy a value from the Watch panel, select the value, right-click and select Copy.
To remove one or more entries from the panel, right-click and select Delete or Clear All.

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The Watch Panel

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