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Introduction to SAP Automation

SAP enterprise software is widely used across various industries for managing business operations and customer relations. The flow of data that SAP handles requires multiple repetitive tasks to be conducted, which can get quite tedious and time-consuming.

Tasks which require reading and manipulating data in SAP can be automated. Some common use cases include starting or closing a case, filling a form on screen, comparing data fields using screen scraping, data mining, migrating data between SAP and other applications, updating the status field, and many more. Automated workflows can also be used for identifying database inconsistencies, like spotting exceptions to a process and flagging them for review.

Similarly to Citrix environments, SAP enterprise software contains GUI elements that are considered one block, which means that they cannot be used with a simple recording or automation tool. However, several techniques can be put in place for automating processes with SAP and ensuring the accuracy of scanned and retrieved data from forms and databases.

SAP automation can be done with the help of recording activities, manually inserting Click Text actions, sending keyboard shortcuts, and extracting text, as well as focusing on SAP-specific approaches. Selectors are natively generated including for tree elements, without having to install a specific extension.

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Introduction to SAP Automation

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