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Release date: 10 February 2020

Breaking Changes

  • If you encounter the System.MissingMethodException when executing a process that invokes a library, you should recompile your library using dependencies with a version closer to the ones used in the aforementioned process. It is recommended for libraries and processes to use the same versions of dependencies, or within a difference of minor package updates, to avoid running into breaking changes. Learn more about this here.

Known Issues

  • Libraries containing either a folder or .xaml file with the same name as the library, and an Invoke Workflow File activity inside a .xaml file located in a subfolder, cannot be published. The workaround is explained in detail here.
  • The Universal Search does not return activity annotations.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue that prevented libraries containing .xaml files invoked from parent folders from being published from Studio v2019.10.3.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented newly created projects from being persisted in the Recent section after upgrading from v2018.4.7.
  • Libraries containing Select Item activity could not be published.
  • The telemetry toggle in Settings > General tab was greyed out after activating an Enterprise trial license.

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