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ST-DBP-007 - Multiple Flowchart Layers

Rule ID: ST-DBP-007

Scope: Workflow


The rule checks whether flowcharts are used as a top layer for maintainability and readability reasons.


It is recommended to reduce the number of flowchart layers to a minimum to ensure maintainability and readability.

Modifying the Rule

In the Project Settings window, select the Workflow Analyzer tab. Find and select the rule, as in the image below:


The default Layer count value is 2. This means that if the Workflow Analyzer finds at least three flowcharts, then a message is logged in the Error List.

Modify the value to 3 and the rule logs an error message only if the number flowcharts surpasses the threshold, in this case 3.

Reset to Default Value

The default value for ST-DBP-007 is 2.

To reset the value to default right-click the rule in the Project Settings window, and then click Reset to default.


Updated 3 years ago

ST-DBP-007 - Multiple Flowchart Layers

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