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Project Templates

There are several types of project templates that can be selected to create a new automation project in the Home Backstage view, as follows:

Custom Templates

User-defined processes or libraries can be saved as templates to be used in other automation projects. Such templates may contain a particular set of dependencies and built-in workflows with already defined variables and arguments that can later be used in various projects.



Private workflows part of library projects are also included in templates.

The Save as Template button is available in the Ribbon and it opens the New Template window:


Field Descriptions for the New Template window:

NameThe project’s name in the list of templates in the Studio Backstage View.
DescriptionThe template’s description in the list of templates.
Default Project NameThe default name of the project to be created using this template.
Default Project DescriptionThe default description for the project to be created with this template.

The New Template window also displays a Preview of exactly how the new template looks like in the Start panel. The templates are arranged according to the most used or recently created.



Unsaved changes made in files are automatically saved in the project before the template is created.

Templates may be permanently removed from the Home view by clicking the Remove Template button image alt text next to the template.

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Project Templates

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