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Known Issues and Limitations

Extension is Installed Per-User

It is currently only possible to install the UiPath Remote Desktop Extension for the current user. This can be done either from Studio or the Command Prompt.

Interactive Selection With Smart-Sizing

The scaling mode and resolution of the Remote Desktop machine are saved in the Default.rdp file, located in the Documents folder. When you initiate a RDP session, the UIAutomation package reads the scaling mode and resolution from the Default.rdp file, even if the RDP session is initiated from a .rdp file with different settings.

As such, initiating an RDP session from a .rdp file with the Smart-Scaling scaling mode saved, UI element selection can appear offset. It is recommended to use the Default.rdp file at all times.

Using Different Resolution Scaling

After you change the resolution scaling on the Remote Desktop machine, UI element detection can appear offset. In this case you need to restart your RDP connection.

RDP Session Reliability

The Remote Desktop Protocol does not feature session reliability. This means that whenever the connection between the client and the Remote Desktop machine is lost, any running process fails. It is currently recommended to execute processes over RDP only on reliable network connections.

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Known Issues and Limitations

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