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Release date: 9 December 2019

What’s New

UiPath Platform Versioning

To better illustrate UiPath Platform's release cadence, we've made some adjustments to the UiPathPlatformInstaller.exe versioning methodology. As a result, the installer is now versioned separately, irrespective of UiPath Studio's version.
Rest assured, the components' versions can be found within the corresponding section in the installer, and are always mentioned in the release notes under the Bundling Details section.


The %UserProfile%/Documents/UiPath default path for storing projects is now created only when you start a new blank process or library project, and make no modifications to the default location. You can also create a local folder directly from the New Blank Process or New Blank Library window.

Project names may contain whitespace characters. When naming projects, keep in mind that whitespace characters are removed at publish time.

The new Enforce Analyzer on Publish toggle in Studio Backstage view allows or restricts publishing projects with Workflow Analyzer errors. Read more about this here.

The Watch panel now has a Clear All context menu option for removing all entries in the panel at once. Read more about the Watch panel here.

We’ve made slight design changes to the shortcuts screen in Studio and made the Open Main Workflow link more visible by placing it at the top of the useful shortcuts list. View it here.

Logging for TFS misconfigurations has improved, making error logs easier to read.

Breaking Changes

  • The UiPathStudio.msi can acquire a license only from an Enterprise tenant on the Cloud Platform. Make sure tenants on Cloud Platform are created with an Enterprise license and then have Studio acquire a license.

Known Issues

  • Hitting the Enter key after a full stop in an input text field in the Properties panel results in a new line.
  • Files from the .screenshots folder are not added to source control when using the Copy to Git option. This does not occur when working with Git Init.
  • The Activity Name Defaults (ST-MRD-002) Workflow Analyzer rule does not apply correctly on localized activities not part of a dependency package.


  • The Platform Installer cannot be uninstalled via Windows’ Apps & features nor the UiPathPlatformInstaller.exe wizard if a localized Studio or RemoteRuntime component (other than English) was installed or updated via UiPathPlatformInstaller.exe on that machine.

Bug Fixes


  • Fixed an issue that prevented Remove Unused Variables to work for variables with the same name, but in different namespaces.
  • The Workflow Analyzer rule ST-DBP-020 Undefined Output Properties is no longer improperly triggered for variable combinations.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented projects containing a variable of a type declared in more than one namespace from being published successfully.
  • When a breakpoint is toggled on an activity in a Flowchart, other activities are no longer impacted.
  • Fixed an issue that resulted in an exception when activities generated from web services in a library project were called multiple times inside a loop.
  • Fixed an issue that threw an exception when a complex Flowchart was copied from one .xaml file to another.
  • For Each and Parallel For Each activities can now be tested using the Create Test Bench option.
  • If validation errors are found in the workflow, only the Error List panel is brought into focus.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented the contextual menu from being displayed after selecting several activities.
  • Using the Japanese Input Method Editor (Hiragana) is now possible in the Command Palette input field.
  • If a sequence contained multiple activities, it was not copied at once to another workflow file.
  • The values of variables marked as ReadOnly in the Properties panel cannot be edited from the Locals panel during debugging.
  • The Help tab now displays Enterprise License or Community License, based on the type of license used for activation.
  • Connecting to a large GIT repository already cloned locally, using SSO authentication service, and pull (rebase) on a project is now easier.
  • Fixed an issue that caused annotations to be lost after converting variables to arguments and viceversa.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented GenericValue objects from being evaluated or modified in the Immediate panel.
  • Fixed an issue in the UiPathPlatformInstaller.exe installer where it permitted the user to upgrade Studio before having upgraded their Orchestrator instance.

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