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The Locals Panel

The Locals panel displays properties or activities and user-defined variables and arguments. The panel shows:

  • Exceptions - the description and type of the exception.
  • Arguments
  • Variables
  • Properties of previously executed activity - only input and output properties are displayed.
  • Properties of current activity

The panel is only visible while debugging. Right-click an argument, variable or property of the currently executing activity to add it to the Watch panel and monitor its execution throughout the debugging process.

The Arguments, Properties, and Variables categories can be compressed or expanded. The same is available for complex objects, which are displayed in a tabular way.


Property values are limited to a certain size. If a variable generates a large output, the value is truncated both in the Locals panel and in the Immediate panel.

When debugging is paused, the values of items in the Locals panel can be inspected in detail by hovering over the Value field of a variable and clicking the search button to open the Local Value window.


The values of variables and arguments can be modified by clicking the search button to open the Local Value window.


Upon clicking the Copy to Clipboard option, the information is copied to the clipboard.

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The Locals Panel

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