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ST-MRD-007 - Nested If Clauses

Rule ID: ST-MRD-007

Scope: Workflow


The rule checks whether more than 3 nested If clauses are used in the file or project.


Avoid nested If clauses to improve readability. Refactor to use non-nested If's, flowcharts or switch. Read more about Workflow Design.

Modifying the Rule

In the Project Settings window, select the Workflow Analyzer tab. Find the rule and select the rule, as in the image below:


To modify the threshold simply type in a number and select OK.

Reset to Default Value

The default threshold for ST-MRD-007 is 3.

To reset the value to default right-click the rule in the Project Settings window, and then click Reset to default.


Updated 3 years ago

ST-MRD-007 - Nested If Clauses

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